Undirected example - Rete.js


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This example demonstrates several essential features:

  • Round nodes
  • Selectable connections
  • Unified port for connections
  • Removal of connections with a designated button located in the middle of the path
  • Connections represented by straight lines and loops with markers at the end
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The classic preset is used for rendering, which involves splitting into input and output ports, but in this case, a trick is employed to pack them into a single unified socket, represented by a transparent circle slightly larger in radius than its node. Custom components are used to represent the nodes and connections. The rete-connection-path-plugin plugin is used for setting up connection path and marker. Instead of getDOMSocketPosition, a custom socket position calculator is used to ensure that the beginning and end of the connection coincide with the node's border.

Approximately 50% of the example's source code relies on the stack and is available for React.js and Angular. If you're using a different stack, you can migrate the necessary components by referencing the source code or request their implementation through GitHub Issues in the appropriate repository.