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Arrange nodes

This guide is based on the Basic guide. It is recommended to review it for a comprehensive understanding of this guide.

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Install dependencies

Prior to using this plugin, elkjs peer dependency must be installed separately.

npm i rete-auto-arrange-plugin elkjs

Additionally, it may be necessary to install web-worker if your bundler doesn't recognize this dependency by default

npm i web-worker

Create the node base

The node's width and height need to be specified as elkjs requires these values, especially if the node sizes vary.

class Node extends ClassicPreset.Node {
  width = 180;
  height = 120;

class Connection<N extends Node> extends ClassicPreset.Connection<N, N> {}

type Schemes = GetSchemes<Node, Connection<Node>>;

Plugin connection

import { AutoArrangePlugin, Presets as ArrangePresets } from "rete-auto-arrange-plugin";

const arrange = new AutoArrangePlugin<Schemes>();



Arrange added nodes

await arrange.layout();

Arrange nested nodes

Any node that has the parent property will be considered as a nested node within its corresponding parent node, as indicated by the id specified in this field. There are no additional settings required. The Scopes guide includes an example of how to use it in practice.

Animated arrange

If you prefer a seamless transition of nodes position, you can apply an animated TransitionApplier with configurable animation duration and timing function

import { ArrangeAppliers } from "rete-auto-arrange-plugin";

const applier = new ArrangeAppliers.TransitionApplier<Schemes, AreaExtra>({
  duration: 500,
  timingFunction: (t) => t,
  async onTick() {
    // called on every frame update

await arrange.layout({ applier })

Arrange options

Additionally, you can make use of global options for elk.js. For instance, this empowers you to alter the spacing between nodes

await arrange.layout({
  options: {
    'elk.spacing.nodeNode': 100,
    'elk.layered.spacing.nodeNodeBetweenLayers': 100

Check out the complete result on the Arrange example page.